A Little Bit of Everything – Hometown Market

From the outside, what looks like your friendly neighborhood bodega selling beer and lottery tickets turns out to be much more once you step inside. Hometown Market Liquor & Cigar Shop established in 2010 sits at the corner of Virginia St. and W Mariposa Ave, just adjacent to the Richmond St. Baseball field. Here you’ll find everything you need for those late nights and early mornings when making it to Ralph’s or Whole Foods seems out of the question or just plain overkill.  The first thing you notice walking inside is how bright, spacious, and clean Hometown Market is.  You’ll probably be greeted by Frank depending on what time of day it is. All your favorite snacks and sundries are available of course, but what you might not be expecting is the beer and wine selection. Hometown Market is part grocery party liquor store with a beer selection to rival BevMo and any type of wine, champagne, or spirits you desire. Surprisingly in the northwest corner of the store you can find a selection of fresh produce, eggs, groceries, and firewood. If cigars are your thing don’t forget to stop by their walk in humidor on your way out. Hometown Market is open most days until 10pm.

Address: 601 Virginia St, El Segundo, CA 90245

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